Sunday, June 20

Happy Fathers Day 2010 Flex Your Focus Muscles for Fast Results

Flex Your Focus Muscles for Fast Results

This Fathers Day is very different for me. This is the first year my family--we are not physically together. My children are with their father, my husband. While I am making my peace with the situation between me and my husband (we are separated), it still feels awkward. Its something I have to move through in order to come out on top. Facing those fears from within will in fact help me (in the long run). While he is a great dad, we have not been the best spouses to each other. Discovering what role I played in this madness is crazy at times. So my emotions and feelings have taken a dip this weekend. I need an uplift! So, One of my coaches, Christina Merkley plays something called the alphabet game to clean up her vibration. Read about it here:

My vibration has been and high and low this weekend and the lows don't feel good. Period. So I thought, This seems easy enough and at this point I need a new technique, because I love to feel my vibe raise. Its refreshing.
Here are my boosters:

A Abraham, apple jacks, astrology, AKA, art,
B bikram, beaches, books, bikini wax, bath & body works, breezes
C coaching, calamari, camping, candles, cookouts
D decks, drinks (adult), dancing, doodling, dates, deep breaths
E equality, events,
F fireworks, freebies,freedom, family, fun, forgiveness,
G giving gifts, guacamole, goddess training,
H hair done, herbs, homecoming,
I inspiring girls & women, ice cream, incense
J jacks, jokes, jaguars,
K kisses, knowledge
L laying around, LOA,
M markers, margaritas, malaika, mentoring, music, massage, meditation, motherhood
N numerology, nandi tribe,
O opportunities, oprah magazine, oceans,
P pool parties, pineapples, taking pictures, peace, pilates
Q quality time with friends, quiet time,
R reflexology, roller coasters,
S san diego, sunshine, stickers, sneakers,smoothies, sleep, sketching
T traveling, tea, time off, trees
U Utopia, universal laws,
V victory, vision boards
W water ice,writing, wine, winning,
X xen,
Y yoga,ymcas,
Z zoo,

This took a good minute and the great thing about it is I was able to focus on so many yummy things that make me smile:-) My vibe is so high. I am going to print this list out and post around the house. Feel free to try this alphabet game first introduced by Abraham-Hicks and post it. Thank You! It will do wonders for your mood.