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Wednesday, June 23


SO these last couple of days I have been in/on a very high vibration. I am more centered than I have been in about 2 weeks. When I feel this high, I am determined to get an enormous about of work completed. I plan on riding this puppy until the wheels fall off. Abraham-Hicks would say I am in the vortex. Ill take that. I also know and understand what needs to be done to step back into the vortex.

Well Anyway, I went to Salsa with my cousin Nicole last night. We had a ball. I learned so much about myself while learning Salsa. My moves were not perfect, but I kelp trying. I was sweating as much as if I were in a Bikram class. The basic steps were easy and the turns were not difficult at all. I had the wrong type of shoe on, but I know better for next time. There were 17 men and 20 women. After you learn the basic moves, you rotate around the room changing partners. The men remain in their original spots. The class lasted 60 minutes and I cant wait until next week. My goal is to practice Salsa once a week this summer and around labor day go to a Spanish Party and really show my moves, authentically.

As I am moving through this stage in my separation, I must remain active and happy. One way is to find new things to experience as I am jumping through my own fears. There was a time in my life, when I would never go on the dance floor, let alone dance with 20 different men. Are you kidding? I am very proud of myself. During one of the infamous MSU step shows, I was not even permitted into the practices. When did this fear start? The only reason I am even pondering is because when I was young, I won awards for best cheerleader, best majorette, even started a pep squad. With this knowledge, where did all my rhythm go? Well Im claiming it back! And I am looking forward to next Tuesday, Salsa Day.

Sunday, June 20

Happy Fathers Day 2010 Flex Your Focus Muscles for Fast Results

Flex Your Focus Muscles for Fast Results

This Fathers Day is very different for me. This is the first year my family--we are not physically together. My children are with their father, my husband. While I am making my peace with the situation between me and my husband (we are separated), it still feels awkward. Its something I have to move through in order to come out on top. Facing those fears from within will in fact help me (in the long run). While he is a great dad, we have not been the best spouses to each other. Discovering what role I played in this madness is crazy at times. So my emotions and feelings have taken a dip this weekend. I need an uplift! So, One of my coaches, Christina Merkley plays something called the alphabet game to clean up her vibration. Read about it here:

My vibration has been and high and low this weekend and the lows don't feel good. Period. So I thought, This seems easy enough and at this point I need a new technique, because I love to feel my vibe raise. Its refreshing.
Here are my boosters:

A Abraham, apple jacks, astrology, AKA, art,
B bikram, beaches, books, bikini wax, bath & body works, breezes
C coaching, calamari, camping, candles, cookouts
D decks, drinks (adult), dancing, doodling, dates, deep breaths
E equality, events,
F fireworks, freebies,freedom, family, fun, forgiveness,
G giving gifts, guacamole, goddess training,
H hair done, herbs, homecoming,
I inspiring girls & women, ice cream, incense
J jacks, jokes, jaguars,
K kisses, knowledge
L laying around, LOA,
M markers, margaritas, malaika, mentoring, music, massage, meditation, motherhood
N numerology, nandi tribe,
O opportunities, oprah magazine, oceans,
P pool parties, pineapples, taking pictures, peace, pilates
Q quality time with friends, quiet time,
R reflexology, roller coasters,
S san diego, sunshine, stickers, sneakers,smoothies, sleep, sketching
T traveling, tea, time off, trees
U Utopia, universal laws,
V victory, vision boards
W water ice,writing, wine, winning,
X xen,
Y yoga,ymcas,
Z zoo,

This took a good minute and the great thing about it is I was able to focus on so many yummy things that make me smile:-) My vibe is so high. I am going to print this list out and post around the house. Feel free to try this alphabet game first introduced by Abraham-Hicks and post it. Thank You! It will do wonders for your mood.